Geomatics and Decision Theory

geomaticsThe term Geomatics refers to the set of techniques dealing with the acquisition, storage, organization, management and exploitation of the spatial geo-referenced information, whose core are the geographic information systems (GIS).

Within this frame, the main objective of this research line is the application of new geographical information technologies, such as the geographic information systems (GIS), the spatial data infrastructures (SDI), the remote sensing, the laser scanner (Lidar), the photogrammetry, etc., to the solution of problems on regional planning, architecture and heritage.

During the recent years, our research has focused on three areas: 1) the use, in the context of urban and regional planning, of GIS, together with tools based on decision theory, to find the optimal locations of urban resources and public utilities; 2) the development CAD/CAE of architectural solutions; and 3) the implementation and development of 3D urban models. Within the latter field of research, we are using and implementing the most novel standards of IDE, such as the CityGML, to develop a 3D urban model of the city of Alicante.